Sunday, March 3, 2024

Removal Software

Here is a complete list of FREE programs to help you remove the Smitfraud traces. While these are 100% free with no BS trial period I must state something very clear.


If you are using a free anti-virus, firewall and anti-spyware program then you are not properly protected. I love free software and they work great but they do NOT provide the protection you need. Most companies do not have an all in one solution for free.

For the thousands of people who say the free software is good enough I say this

You get what you pay for

I’ve been in the computer field professionally for 12 years. I do recommend Spyware Doctor with Antivirus to not only remove Smitfraud but to keep your computer safe so you do not get infected again.  If you are not tech savvy at all and need a pro we recommend going to for help.  This is a remote computer repair company based in the U.S. that is cheap and they guarantee their work or you don’t pay.

You should still download the trial of Spyware Doctor with Antivirus :  While the free 30 day trial will not remove threats it will help stop other spyware from re-installing itself as you use other free software to remove Smitfraud.

Sorry for the Rant here is the list of 100% free software.

Vundo Removal Tool: Love it!! Run in safe mode for best results. Works great at removing most traces of Smitfraud and vundo along with other variants of this strain like Winfix and winfixer. You still need an active internet security suit as this will do nothing to protect your computer just remove that one strain.

Norton’s virtumonde removal tool: Much like the above but from Norton.

VundoBeGone: Another tool that can be used but try the ones above first as this one takes little more care to use.

HighjackThis: This tool is used to eliminate and remove startup and running processes. This tool is more for advanced users but is great in helping other people find out what is wrong and what you are infected with.

Spybot S&D : Spybot has been around for years and is known as one of the best free programs on the web. Consider donating to them as this is really good stuff for being free. They now have something called Tea Timer that installs with Spybot. This gives you real time protection against threats. It does not auto scan but will block potential threats. Run the program in safe mode for best results

Malwarebytes : The free version is very good at detecting rootkits and the like.  It will help in the Smitfraud removal process but like everything on this page that is free you will still need multiple free clients to remove this fully.

Ad-aware : this program annoies me because it consistantly asks you to buy the full version and runs automatically when your computer boots up even thoe it does nothing for you unless you buy the full version. However they do give you a great Scan and removal that is 100% free. I would install, update and run in safe mode and then remove the program so it’s not running anymore. It does catch things that Spybot will miss.
Avg Anti virus : This is from AVG and this is the free anti-virus product. It does a good job but all in all does not give you enough protection. Still it’s better then nothing. I find it does a poor job of Removing Vundo but you can always try it if you want

Avast : Another Free Anti virus program that is equal to AVG

PC Tools Anti-Virus : Perhaps one of the better Anti- Virus programs out there that are free. PC tools just one an award from PC Magazine for the Spyware Doctor With Anti-Virus program. This is not the same protection but appears to use the same base for the virus scan.

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