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The Removal Guide for Windows Web Shield Virus

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Background and Capabilities
Being aware of the security threats can give you an advantage when it comes to this industry. Windows Web Shield, from Win32/FakeVimes rouges family, is a misleading application and a new fake security software. This is promoted by the Trojans that often came from deceptive or infected web resources on misleading online virus scanners that appears-like the legitimate antivirus program once in the scanning your computer (where you can also see a progress bar for scanning results). However, these are all fake and the natural user will try to quickly fix all the problems. If this is the case, usually the users will be asked to download and install the anti-spyware Windows Web Shield. Forcing you to believe this is an authentic application to help you remove the infections and viruses, then recover your PC. Remember that if you trust a fake scanner this will lead to serious problems.

False Infection Alert
Furthermore, Windows Web Shield have ways to make you believe your computer is corrupt and with problems. When you log on to Windows, it will configure on the system, then you’ll get several messages on all kinds of infection as soon as you run your OS. Plus, it can also use different real names viruses, infections and worms (anything to make you think your computer is compromised), although, it’s not true. So, if ever you’ll be asked to buy the version of the Windows Web Shield or download some type of extra applications on the side to help you, please ignore it.

False Warnings and Alerts
You’ll also notice, you will be prompted with different kinds of security warning and alerts as the computer operates (all sent by Windows Web Shield). All these false security breach was created to make you feel scared and react quickly. Now, it is obvious that Windows Web Shield has no use, except created money at the expense of the users.
You need to remove Windows Web Shield quickly on your computer right away. In case, you have already purchased this fake application, you will want to let our credit card company and tell them about what happened.


Instructions to Remove Windows Web Shield (Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP)

First Step: This rascal app can’t be removed malware tools, so what you need to do first reboots your PC, and set to Safe mode with Command Prompt.

1. Restart your PC and when you heard the beep of your PC during the startup, press F8 key.
2. When a computer is configured for booting to several OS, you can press the F8-key as soon as the Boot Menu appears.
3. Rather than loading Windows normally, this time Windows Advanced Options menu will display.
4. So when you are in the Windows Advanced Options menu, choose Safe mode with Command Prompt, and then press the Enter-key.


Second Step: As soon as Windows is loaded, and the black window – the command prompt will open. On the command prompt, type explorer.exe and press the Enter key. When that’s done, Run the Notepad and write all the text below:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


“GuardSoftware” =-

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]

Then save all of this as fix.reg to your Desktop (Take note to choose Save a file type: All files in Notepad).

Next, computer reboot in Normal Windows mode.


Third Step. The next is to download the Anti-malware and remove all the Windows Web Shield linked malware.

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