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The MS Removal Tool : Stay Away From This Threat

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April 2, 2011 by  
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Have you ever seen on your computer some popup warning, or notification, telling you have been infected with a virus? If those alerts are not coming from your actual antivirus application, it could be the bad results of some spyware program. Spyware applications are programmed to look like some real antivirus application. The reality is that those programs are indeed hidden viruses. Like a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, spyware applications will hide in your PC without even you knowing it and will compromise your system a lot. So, MS Removal Tool is a virus part of those rogue programs. Here you will learn more about MS Removal Tool.

The MS Removal Tool is something that you may have installed accidentally, or may have installed itself without your knowledge. When you start your computer again, this program turns on and gives you numerous alerts saying that you have viruses, Trojans, worms, and spyware in your computer. It does not matter if your PC is infected or not, this malware will say your PC is infected, that nothing can really be fixed until you do buy MS Removal Tool program. Check here Remove MS Removal Tool to find out more about how to remove MS Removal Tool.

The alerts that this program causes can be a little worrying. Not only will popup alerts occur, but also Windows Security Alerts and warnings will show up all over your screen. This threat, MS Removal Tool, will even modify your desktop wallpaper to make it appear “Warning! You’re In Danger! Your Computer Is Infected With Spyware!”

None of these warnings are real, and MS Removal Tool is just trying to scare consumers into buying the program. With security alerts like “Your PC is infected with dangerous viruses” and “System detected a potential hazard (TroganSPM/LX) on your computer”, this threat, MS Removal Tool, is hoping that people who never heard about such spyware before will panic and indeed pay for this program to repair their PC. In many cases, the only problem with your computer is indeed MS Removal Tool!

Never purchase this fake software. There are many ways to clean your PC from MS Removal Tool. You can always use anti-malware programs, but you might find it a bit complicated to fully remove your PC from this threat. To guard against it, remember to keep your real anti-virus software updated.

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