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Security Shield Pro 2011 – A Scam Ready To Hurt Your Life

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July 17, 2011 by  
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There is a new spyware out there. It is claiming to be some sort of virus protection tool. This is not a new or uncommon strategy, which is one reason you have to be extra careful on the internet. The threat is being called Security Shield Pro 2011. It is a fake antivirus-related program. Once it has infected your PC, it is really hard to delete it. Look this site to read more about Security Shield removal.

Malware is a shortened abbreviation of “malicious software,” a good description of this program. One of its main functions is to steal your personal information by monitoring your internet activity. In an age of online banking, this is especially dangerous because these hackers can easily access your passwords and any financial work you may do on your computer. On this page, you will learn a bit more how to delete Security Shield 2011, and on this one you will get more infos about how to remove Security Shield 2011.

Compromised information leads to identity theft. This scam program will do another trick: to persuade you enough to buy its full version. In order to achieve the previous, it will show you a fake virus scan result and will say you have to pay for some upgrade if you want to fix all those problems. This tool will do its best to steal your hard-earned money. Those hackers are after you and your money, personal security. It is possible to get infected by such problem via emails. Never open any suspicious emails. Or if it is coming from a sender you don’t know about. Compromised websites and Trojans (dangerous and malicious programs) can also infect your PC.

Risqu© websites will be the ones holding the most corrupted programs around. Thus, don’t surf on such websites. You will have a better chance to protect your PC. Once your Pc has been compromised, a good way to delete Security Shield 2011 is using a good spyware removal tool. The program will scan your PC. It will clean it from any files related to the malware. Updating your actual antivirus tool is a good preventive measure. Also, to scan your PC at least once a week is a must. Remember, viruses can’t be treated with antibiotics, so the best treatment is to prevent one in the first place.

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