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Removing Security Solution – A Short Guide

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July 17, 2011 by  
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It can be rather easy to learn how to delete Security Solution from your computer whenever you are looking for information for such purpose. This program, Security Solution, is indeed an antivirus program using some techniques to basically scam PC users. This application will display lots of infos about non-existent threats on your PC system. There is a way that you can get rid of this program. You have to start off by exiting out of Security Solution using the windows task manager. You will have to hit control, alt, and delete. Using the control panel of your PC you can then uninstall this program. You must go to the add/remove programs and look for Security Solution. Once done, you will have to open up your PC’s registry and start to delete all the Security Solution registry files. To open the computer’s registry, simply type regedit.exe in the Search Box. Start looking for any Security Solution files left on your PC and delete them too. Here you will read a lot more about Remove Security Shield 2011.

Removing this program from your PC does not mean that all files will be fully deleted from your system. This is because some of the Security Solution files will be hidden in your computer, making it impossible for you to be able to find. Eventually later on they will end up diminishing on their own. The key to the previous is simply to search and find as many files as you can after the proper uninstall. Delete those files you did find then. Something nice is that you don’t have to worry anymore about this bad program sending out false information about threats not even present on your system. Check here Remove Security Solution to read a lot more about how to remove Securty Solution, and here Security Shield 2011 Removal to read more about Security Shield 2011.

Rest assured your PC is now in good hands. Get a 100% legit virus removal tool that will detect viruses besides removing them. Your best bet is simply to use some popular antivirus removal applications. Don’t install any virus removal tools from the Internet. Nobody knows for sure from where those programs are from and just like this threat, they might be false ones.

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