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How to Remove Cyber Protection Center

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How to Remove Cyber Protection Center

How to remove Cyber Protection Center
Your computer is now infected and it is by something called Cyber Protection Center. A very bad malware you heard. If you are looking how to remove Cyber Protection Center and any similar threats from your computer, you just found the right place ! I want to tell you about 2 solutions.

But, what is really this malware known as Cyber Protection Center ? It is a rouge software. It is a clone of Cyber Security. ANOTHER malware.

They were created by bad people (let’s called them hackers, maybe you heard that term before). Malwares are created in order to hurt your computer system and to make money by trying to steal you. What Cyber Protection Centers wants you to do is to buy a licensed version of Cyber Security with your credit card. Never do that !

Sometimes, you will browse some good websites and they will push some software to be downloaded onto your computer system.

Those ‘bad people’ we talked before (hackers !) are always entering good websites to install their own piece of codes (malwares). Then when you are accessing such a corrupted website, it will simply try to make you download that malware unto your system.

If that rouge program is very recent and you don’t have the right security tools installed on your system…. you will likely get infected, and badly !

Once infected, your computer will run Cyber Protection Center on the next re-boot and that malware will quickly do bad things: first, it will change your Registry in order to run itself on each reboot. It will always stays resident in the background. Making this threat a nasty one.

You will notice some system scans (they are done by Cyber Protection Center) and this malware will display a nice screen saying your computer has lots of infected files.

You will get this dreaded Cyber Protection Center Window:  Here is what the message says

Cyber Protection System reports that ‘Cyber Security’ is not activated. Anti-viruses software helps to protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. Click Recommendations for the suggested actions. Your system might be at a risk now.
Your version of Cyber Security still not activated yet.
Click here to get your Cyber Security license.

This program also does the following:

You want to delete it ? You won’t be able easily ! Cyber Protection Center just blocked your security programs and now won’t allow you any Internet access to such websites ! Try to update your anti-virus program… you can’t ! Cyber Protection Center is ALSO blocking that feature ! Not enough ? Your System Restore, Task Manager, and Browser Settings will either be disabled or not really usable !

Then this malware will display the above message (we wrote it a while before) telling you what is wrong ! You NEED to license Cyber Security (another malware btw !) to fully clean and protect your system !

DON’T ever think of doing it ! Both programs are malware. Cyber Protection Center only wants to steal you pretending to eventually clean…. fake infections !

A first and excellent option we have is . This is an online service dedicated to clean computers from various threats and will remove Cyber Protection Center. Those experts will charge a very low fee of around 89 dollars. Their service is very fast, reliable and costs a lot less than your local repair shop.

Another excellent option would be to use an excellent program like Spyware Doctor with Antivirus to run an in-dept and full system scan (a real one !). This excellent program will make sure to fully clean your system and will remove Cyber Protection Center once for all.

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