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Remove PriceGong Toolbar PlugIn

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PriceGong is a internet browser plugin. That means google Chrome, Internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox users have a tool bar that can add this feature. The problem with this plugin is that it is often installed without the person or knowledge of the end user. The minute they find out, the coupons and pop ups are already blocking the view on their computer screens and causing a good amount of frustration.  The other problem with this is user privacy is clearly being violated. Read on for more.

The people who made PriceGong do get paid. They get paid for showing you all the items you will find popping up. The catch to t his is your internet browsing history is recorded without your permission and shared so these ads can coincide with what you like. Most people don’t like the idea of having this exposed to other people just for the sake of paid advertisements. After the toolbar plugin is installed you may see a notification like this one below:

The information sent to our servers < … > may include the IP address, the URL of the web site you are visiting, a general information about your browser and operating system, a product information as taken from the product HTML page and unique identifier of your PriceGong add-on.

PriceGong uses cookies to collect all the data about where you go on the internet and what products you are more interested in as well. This program is hidden when they through it in a one package bundle for download like they have with Freecorder or “Free music” download from utorrent. This is how it gets on computers virutally undetected and this is in part due to automatic downloads.

Convenience is everything today and most people like the fast download. However, the downside to this is all the optional boxes are automatically included. If you don’t take the time to unselect the box the the programs, wanted or not, they will be installed on your pc.

You will need to uninstall this toolbar to stop the coupons from popping up. If you can’t find the files, don’t be alarmed, you can still erase the program with  Spyware Doctor with Antivirus . You should also  use this program to do a full system scan to make sure there is no more adware lurking or viruses on your computer that can permanently cause it some damage.

Go to your computer Control Panel and use the Add/Remove program option to delete the plug-in by name. This should be relatively easy. What you should be worried about is whether it actually uninstalls. For that you will need to run Spyware Doctor with Antivirus.

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